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Why use barkMatch?

Personalized match-making service

We are a concierge service helping you find the right dog - we communicate with shelters, do all of the leg-work and paperwork too so that you can optimize your adoption experience.

Save on Time & Money

Buying a pet from a breeder or a pet store is more expensive and time consuming than adopting. Let us do the work for you so can adopt your new friend and save time and money doing it!

Follow-up advice on dog parenting

We won't ditch you even after your are done with finding your perfect match - we provide dedicated adoption and dog care advice via email/phone.

How barkMatch Works?

Let's talk about your perfect match

Once you sign up for barkMATCH we will set up your account and get in touch with you to start your adoption process. If you are happy with your barkMATCH adoption plan only then will we ask for our $99 service fee.

Securely pay for the application

Once you complete payment (we charge a fee for handling all the legal and paper work we do for your adoption), our matchmakers and computers scour all adoptable dogs and more to find you the best five matches.

Pick your favorite from 5 matches

We will spend two weeks finding the right match for the dog and you. We will match based on location, breed, gender, color, size, age, temperament, your living conditions & lifestyle and provide you with five options to choose the perfect match from.

What do you get for $99

  • Find your quality canine partner: Our matchmakers and computers scour adoptable dogs and more to find you the best five matches. We are dedicated to finding the right dog for you and the right home for our dogs.
  • Communication with shelters:We will call, email and visit shelters and do all of the research, legal work and paperwork for you so that you don’t have to.
  • Follow on advice: We provide dedicated email and phone adoption and dog care advice. We also include a starter gift pack when you adopt!

Things to remember

  1. We charge $99 for using our barkMatch service. This is a non-refundable fee. Fee valid for two weeks from starting date (If consultation requires more than two hours or two weeks, we charge $50/hour).
  2. Paying this amount does not guarantee a successful adoption, though barkloudly matching team will work very hard to find a great match for you. We have an expansive network of rescues and shelters around the tri-state area - consisting of many thousands of eligible adoptable dogs that we tap in to fulfill your match.
  3. barkloudly cannot guarantee the temperament of an animal; all information is provided by the rescue organization unless otherwise noted. barkloudly does not assume any liability regarding behavior of a particular dog.
  4. Your payment does not apply towards the adoption fee, which can run up to $500. This fee is paid directly to the non-profit rescue organization from where your dog is adopted.
  5. Your application will be shared with the rescue group once you select a match and we need all relevant and valid information to initiate communication with these organizations.Each organization has the authority to review all submitted applications. We do not and cannot approve or deny adoption applications.
  6. We will make sure that we coordinate with you for the final appointment with the rescue.

Get started with barkMatch

Get started by filling in your name and email and one of our friendly staff will contact you. There is no fee upfront and only after you are happy with your barkMATCH adoption plan will we ask for a fee. and talk about