barkloudly mission

To highlight the essence of dogs in human lives

We believe in improving the quality of life for both dogs and humans by helping them find love and continuity through compassion and humane education.

The Team

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Anupam Kundu (AK)

Co-founder & CEO

Dog parent, product thinker and entrepreneur based out of greater NY. Experience of working in different continents across multiple domains with large enterprises and start-ups, both for-profit and not-for-profits. Specialize in bringing like-minded people together for a cause bigger than themselves.

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Chief Canine Officer

Anupam's black Labrador - the inspiration behind it all, the motivation to make a difference.

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Rajarshi Ray (Raj)

Co-founder & CPO

Proud dad and husband based out of greater Seattle. More than 12 years as designer, digital product creator, javascript tinkerer and more.