We know you lluuvv dogs...

And you need no incentive to get involved with shelters and rescues to help dogs in distress. Why not earn some 'Wags for all that good work? You get to show off your PAWRKS score and redeem excellent goodies sponsored by dog loving businesses. WOOF WOOF !!!

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Find a local animal shelters / rescues
Get involved - earn PAWRKS (Paw Perks)
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What is barkloudly all about?

Dog lovers get rewarded for engaging with local shelters
Shelter supervisors get more community participation
Business owners promote business to niche consumers

Reach out to a niche community

of dog lovers with your products and services. We will provide you a new channel to showcase your product and services and connect with those who appreciate dog loving businesses like yours.You must be wagging with joy !!!

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What is barkloudly?

Barkloudly is an innovative way to connect shelters and rescues with dog lovers and volunteers. We reward dog lovers who give their time, share their homes, donate their dollars and create social awareness to help dogs and shelters in need.

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Look for local shelters and rescue centers in your neighborhood (or any location of your choice) and browse the list of dogs they have.

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Engage - Boost PAWRKS


Adopt or foster a dog, volunteer at the shelter, donate money or spread awareness and more. For each pledge you make, keep earning PAWRKS (Paw Perks).


Get Exclusive 'Wags


You can earn cool exclusive 'Wags based on your PAWRKS score. These are sponsored by small and medium businesses to say Thank You to you.

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